Fiberweb is a manufacturer of non-woven specialty industrial materials used in a variety of products including water filters, blood filters, industrial wipes, fabric softener sheets, construction products and protective clothing.

Due to management shifts and acquisitions, our client needed to consolidate two facilities into one and required a set of new offices to be installed within their facility in Charlotte, NC. As a dynamic and growing company, Fiberweb recognized the value of expandability, relocate-ability and versatility of utilizing modular systems. Based on a past working relationship with our distributor, Fiberweb reached out to discuss the additional office space they required.

Based on their past working relationship with Fiberweb and stressing the advantages of utilizing modular systems, our distributor assisted Fiberweb in consolidating their existing space with the installation of several new offices as a result of recent acquisitions and internal company changes.

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Project Overview

Application: Modular Offices
Product: OmniFlex System 9-Feet Tall

Benefits Provided:

  • Integrated new office walls with existing walls matching in color and appearance.
  • Noise reduction inside offices from nearby manufacturing processes with Fire and Sound panels.
  • Modular advantages including expandability, ability to re-locate and versatility of structures for a dynamic and growing company.
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The Challenge

The new office walls would need to integrate with the existing office walls as well as maintain a consistent color and appearance. Through consolidations and acquisitions it was important to have the facility staff as close to the manufacturing process as possible in order to maximize involvement and productivity.

Our client also required maximum visibility so that employees could oversee the manufacturing floor. Ideally, these windows and wall system should have a clean look and appearance, as Fiberweb intended the consolidated office space to serve as a demonstration piece for their new state of the art facility.

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The Solution


After evaluating the needs for this project, our distributor suggested the OmniFlex wall system for the installation of the new office complex. The sleek and consistent look of each office would meet the needs for a professional appearance, while the gray panels and wall systems would match the look of the existing office walls.

Our distributor also utilized our noncombustible fire and sound panels to provide optimal sound-deadening qualities within the offices in order to create a more productive office environment.

Modular Office Complex

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