A steel mill was looking for a sturdy, cost-effective but high-end looking control room for their new Z-Mill line.

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Project Overview

Application: Control Room for Steel Mill
OmniFlex Steel Fire & Sound

Benefits Provided:

  • Tall windows provide 180 degree unobstructed view
  • Heightened platform allows max visibility of facility
  • Climate-controlled, sound-proof room protects operator from extreme steel mill environment
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The Challenge

Since a steel mill environment can become extremely hot and loud, the room would need to be climate controlled, as well as minimize the noise.

This enclosure would serve to house all of the controls that automated the entire steel mill process.

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The Solution


PortaFab designed a building elevated on a mezzanine to serve as the required control room. The elevated structure would allow operators to have a better view of the entire process within the steel mill. The enhanced elevation in conjunction with large 180 degree commercial glass windows provided the operator with an unobstructed view of the facility. For safety of the control operator, the enclosure provided an air-conditioned and sound-proof environment that was separate from the high temperature and noise of the manufacturing facility.

Control Room for Steel Mill

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