Our client is a tier supplier for the agriculture industry, producing a broad range of engineered cutting components. They required an enclosure around a stamping process to reduce noise within the rest of the facility.

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Project Overview

Application: 19’ walls, 8’x10’ double door, 8’x6’ transom
Product: Portamax 458S steel face panel

Benefits Provided:

  • Noise containment
  • Customized equipment access
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The Challenge

The equipment to be housed was very large, requiring 19’ tall walls as well as the need to access and move the equipment in and out of the enclosure for periodic maintenance.

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The Solution

Incorporating 8’ x 16’ double doors — the dimensions of the opening required — into the enclosure would be heavy and impractical to use. PortaFab, instead, created bottom leaf doors that opened independently of the transom.


PortaFab worked closely with the dealer through numerous design and drawing renditions to accommodate the special heights needed along with precise cutouts for conveyor penetrations. PortaFab recommended the use of the PortaMax 458s system with Steel Faced Fire and Sound panels for noise reduction, impact resistance and cleanability. To allow for servicing of the equipment, PortaFab worked with their engineering department to create a lower 8x10 double door section for day-to-day use in accessing the equipment, and create a 8’ x 6’ transom panel for use when removing equipment from the room.

Double Doors

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