Our client is a global energy company with a primary focus on the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas with offices in 20 countries across six continents. Their latest project required an equipment supply depot built within their new warehouse in Equatorial Guinea. The structure would require the housing of new offices to facilitate the stocking of equipment, along with a working shower and locker room area.

Our distributor offered their end-client a new modular office complex within a remote area in Equatorial Guinea. Not only did our distributor provide a modular solution in an area with limited construction supplies and resources, they also completed the entire installation in 12 days, surpassing the expectations of their client.

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Project Overview

Application: Equipment Supply Depot
Product: OmniFlex F&S (Vinyl Exterior and FRP Interior) 35' 11 x 99'3"

Benefits Provided:

  • Utilized PortaFab's installation network
  • FRP wall panels for durability and cleanability for the shower and locker room
  • Incorporated plumbing chases within structure
  • 125 PSF load-bearing roof to utilize existing overhead space
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The Challenge

Because of the geographic setting, construction of an office complex within their warehouse proved to be a challenge as there were no hardware supply stores or construction resources available. Supplies were therefore extremely limited and it would be difficult to obtain the construction materials to construct the building at their location. Our distributor recommended PortaFab's modular systems based on the piece-of-mind knowing that pre-engineered components would need no additional on-site fabrication or construction materials to complete the building installation.

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The Solution


Our distributor offered a one-story solution complete with 8 offices, a bathroom, shower and locker room. The exterior roof featured load bearing capabilities (125 pounds per square foot) and 2 sets of stairs with safety railings. Once the materials had arrived and work began on the building, the entire structure was completed in 12 days, surpassing the expectations of the client.

Equipment Supply Depot

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