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A plastic extruding company that has been designing and manufacturing quality thermoformed products and packaging for the medical, industrial, consumer, food, electronics and horticulture industries for over 60 years.

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Project Overview

Application: Cleanroom for device packaging
Products: Series 300 Panels with Anondized-Aluminum Framework FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Benefits Provided:

  • High-rate of cleanability
  • Recirculating air flow to meet ISO standards
  • Pass-through chamber to maintain cleanroom integrity
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The Challenge

Because of the ongoing changes to standards and regulations for medical device packaging, our client required a cleanroom that would meet two classifications of cleanliness (ISO 8 & ISO 7). This cleanroom would also allow for the the flexibility to reconfigure due to future process changes and continued cleaning.

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The Solution


PortaFab Engineered Solution

PortaFab recommended its Series 300 FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) wall panel with anondized-aluminum framework. This wall system features highly durable smooth-surface wall panels, which allow for the highest rate of cleanability, satisfying the cleaning protocol that would be required.

In order to meet the ISO classification that our client required, PortaFab provided a 1x4 return air chase based on the design of a cleanroom for recirculating air flow to meet ISO requirements. PortaFab also integrated an equipment pass-through system within the wall to maintain room pressurization and overall cleanroom integrity.

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