To ensure the safety of both visitors and employees, as well as to safeguard valuable equipment, a leading sensor manufacturer had to create clear boundaries within its Testing Lab.

Project Overview

Product Featured: 

Benefits Provided:

  • Freestanding partition walls featuring full-height windows and doors were installed to create a separation barrier.
  • This barrier maintains visibility for technicians and clients while offering a convenient 12' x 8' removable panel section for easy equipment servicing access.
  • Additionally, the design allows for flexibility for future expansion or modifications.

The Challenge

Modular walls were necessary due to several factors. First, they needed to be attached to existing building walls in three locations while navigating around an existing building column. Second, there were various existing overhead elements such as lighting, HVAC ductwork, compressed air lines, nitrogen coolant lines, and electrical wiring and communications conduit, making overhead attachment impossible.

The client specifically required a removable wall for equipment servicing, replacement, or expansion. This necessitated the use of modular walls that could be easily disassembled and reconfigured as needed without disrupting the existing infrastructure.


The Solution

To fulfill the client's requirements, OmniFlex framing system with Fire and Sound panels emerged as an optimal solution, offering a blend of physical barrier, thermal insulation, and noise reduction benefits. These panels, equipped with integrated full glass windows and doors, provide versatility and modularity.


The standalone structure incorporates an open ceiling design, allowing existing lighting, ductwork, and conduit to remain untouched, thereby saving significant costs and time on expensive structural modifications. The inclusion of full-panel glass windows, including the doors, ensures ample illumination and visibility inside the structure, aligning with the client's practice of showcasing instrument testing to their clients.

Critical access to machinery for servicing or future expansion is facilitated by our modular panels, which include a 12-foot-wide section that can be easily removed and replaced without disrupting adjacent paneling.

full glass wall partitions


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