PortaFab’s pre-engineered wall and ceiling systems offered the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and cleanliness, making them the ultimate choice for creating an ISO 7 compliant Modular Cleanroom, including a dedicated gowning room for pharmaceutical tubing production.

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The Challenge

The pharmaceutical manufacturer encountered several challenges in its pursuit of ISO 7 compliance. These included ensuring adequate air changes per hour, providing maintenance access, integrating mechanical and electrical processes, concealing wiring, and simplifying the construction process to meet tight deadlines.

Benefits Provided

  • Air Quality Compliance: The modular cleanroom solution provided 70-80 air changes per hour, meeting ISO 7 standards.

  • Flexibility and Maintenance Access: 30-foot removable wall sections allowed for easy maintenance access and facilitated equipment movement within the cleanroom.

  • Concealed Mechanical and Electrical Processes: All mechanical and electrical processes were integrated within a cavity created by enclosing around existing structural beams. Wiring capability within all framing studs ensured no exposed wiring.

  • Simplified Construction: Faster, simpler completion by eliminating the need for dealing with multiple contractors.

The Solution

By leveraging PortaFab's expertise and modular cleanroom solutions, the pharmaceutical manufacturer successfully achieved ISO 7 compliance while realizing enhanced operational efficiency, flexibility, and safety within their production facility.


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