An automotive seat manufacturer was expecting to relocate within eight months. They were looking to add warehouse offices that they would be able to disassemble and move to the new site at a later date.

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Project Overview

Application: 2,430 sq. ft. two-story inplant building
Series 300

Benefits Provided:

  • Adapt design to needs without serious impacting budget or time line
  • Professional appearance
  • Sound control
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The Challenge

Not only did the client need the flexibility to rearrange the office structure, but since these new offices would be located close to the assembly line itself, building materials needed provide excellent sound control and non-combustibility while still having the finished, professional-looking appearance that would impress visitors.

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The Solution

Early in the evaluation process, the client ruled out conventional construction materials because of their high cost and immobility. They were also interested in finding an alternative that offered minimal disruption of their daily workflow. In order to maximize the space in their warehouse, it was decided that the new offices would be positioned on top of the existing steel mezzanine.


PortaFab's modular office systems were evaluated and our dealer provided our client with their new 2,430 sq. ft. office space at the plant in January. Our Series 300 wall system was chosen for its unmatched flexibility and because the structural design of the system eliminated the need to install additional supports in the warehouse. Because the offices were to be positioned in close proximity of the production area, the client opted for Fire and Sound wall panels for their excellent fire protection and sound insulation qualities.

Prefab Office Space

The versatility of our modular systems allowed for future relocation and reconfiguration and the color-coordinated, neutral interior panels gave the offices the finished, professional look our client desired. Overall, the combination of the flexibility, soundproofing and a professional look supplied by Series 300 system was a total success.

"The customer liked the flexibility so much. In fact, the design was changed frequently throughout the duration of the project which would have made this project very expensive and time-consuming. Since PortaFab's system is non-progressive, the designers and builders were able to make these changes on the fly with minimal disruption to the budget or schedule."

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