Our client is a manufacturer of meters for pumps in oil and water applications. Our distributor had originally been contacted to integrate specialty doors within a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) enclosure to enhance operations. Upon further qualifying of the project, our distributor recommended utilizing modular systems from PortaFab in order to create the new CMM enclosure. The use of modular systems would not only allow ease of coordination between the wall and door systems, but would also provide a quicker and cleaner installation, with minimal plant disruption. Based on these benefits, the client opted to utilize PortaFab's wall systems to complete the enclosure.

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Project Overview

Application: CMM Room

Product: PortaMax 458s 20' Tall Thermal Steel Wall Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Thermal control to protect equipment & processes
  • Panel construction featuring an R-value of 20
  • Full-height windows for viewing of processes & equipment
  • Ability to offer factory tours without disruption of processes
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The Challenge

During the evaluation process our distributor took care to review the needs of their client. Based on the room dimensions and need to enclose large equipment, it was determined that the new enclosure would require a floor to ceiling wall system in order to fully enclose the machinery and processes. Our client also requested complete visibility inside the enclosure so that customers touring the facility could see the machinery and processes inside. Functioning as a controlled environment, the enclosure would also need to maintain a constant temperature and level of humidity.


The Solution

Since the ceiling in the existing facility had several pipes, beams and other obstacles that expanded the length of the building, our distributor would need to integrate the wall system with these elements and close up any gaps and spaces between systems in order to create a properly functioning controlled environment.


To meet the challenge of integrating our wall system with the existing ceiling, our distributor incorporated 2-foot and 3-foot header panels in order to create a fully sealed off enclosure. The PortaMax steel product line was chosen due to its durable steel framing system which would meet the 20 foot heights required, and thermal steel wall panels that would provide the optimal R-value for the enclosure. Our distributor utilized full-length glass windows along one wall of the enclosure, so to serve as a demonstration piece for visiting clients, as requested by the client.

The new controlled environment provided our client with an aesthetically-pleasing enclosure in which to protect sensitive equipment and processes, as well as to impress visiting clients.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Enlcosure

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