This large storage facility offers different kinds of secure areas for its clients that naturally have a wide variety of needs. The environment is constantly changing and demands flexibility for storing items as big as boats and trailers to information-sensitive filing cabinets.

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Project Overview

Application: Secured Storage Lockers

PortaFab Product:

Benefits Provided:

  • Freestanding secure zones for valuable belongings
  • Flexibility for future expansion and changes
  • Upgraded security measures surpassing conventional wire structures
  • Sections with climate control to maintain optimal environmental conditions
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The Challenge

Modifying storage areas can be very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, our client was looking for a storage solution that could accommodate changes in size and shape while providing security, privacy, and environmental control.

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The Solution

PortaFab’s freestanding wall systems offer an easy solution for the storage facility to reconfigure room sizes. The unique design allows standalone areas to be installed without the need for support columns, so a room’s size and shape is not limited to other anchors or beams and can be modified as needed. Designed and fabricated to allow for future changes, these units use non-progressive construction, which allows one or any number of panels to be changed out without rebuilding the entire room.


The Steel Fire & Sound wall panels guarantee the concealment and secure protection of clients' stored items. These panels offer numerous advantages, including zero flame spread, sound reduction within the unit, and impact resistance, which is crucial in an environment where forklifts and other large equipment are moving items around the storage facility. Constructed to be long-lasting, these panels consist of a polystyrene core sandwiched between enamel baked 24-gauge steel sheets painted with gypsum. The steel sheet exterior ensures exceptional strength, durability, and easy cleanability, promising an extended lifespan for the panels.

secured storage lockers next to wire storage

The storage units built by PortaFab leveraged the existing HVAC systems for efficient climate and humidity control. Each storage unit also has the option of having individual HVAC units and controls, allowing precise temperature and humidity management tailored to the specific needs of each client. This customization further enhances the flexibility and comfort of the storage units while optimizing energy usage.

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