A high school located in Illinois required the installation of two new ticket booths for regulating access into their sporting events. One booth would be installed at their baseball stadium and the other would allow for ticketing at the nearby football stadium.

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Project Overview

Application: Baseball and Football Stadium Ticket Booths

Benefits Provided:

  • Fast assembly and installation due to demanding schedule.
  • Incorporated forklift pockets to allow for mobility and re-location as needed.
  • Fully assembled booths including ticket windows and cash drawers to ease transaction process.
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The Solution

After receiving bids from other companies, our client decided to utilize PortaFab’s booths based on the faster manufacturing speeds and quick installation capabilities. Due to their desire to store the ticket booths when not being used in the off-season, our client requested that the buildings allow for mobility so that they could be re-located as needed.

Pre-Assembled Guard Shack

The Result


The new booths were assembled quickly and installed within the timeframe requested by the client. The ticket booths came complete with ticket windows and cash drawers to accommodate ticket transactions while also incorporating a two-foot overhang to protect ticket purchasers during inclement weather. Based on the client’s request for mobility, the new booths also featured forklift pockets to allow them to be moved and stored as needed. This project was completed on time and under budget.

Ticket Booth

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