ISO 7 & 8 Cleanrooms for Medical Device Manufacturing - PortaFab

ISO Certified Cleanrooms for Medical Devices

Product: Series 300 Vinyl Fire and Sound / Furring 500

Application: Series 300 with smooth FRP Fire and Sound panels 10’ and 12’ tall. Walkable deck and point load considerations along with a second story area

Benefits Provided:

  • Multiple ISO classifications for production
  • Sampling, packaging, and storage
  • Restroom and meeting rooms
  • Planned future expansion
medical device cleanroom

Cleanroom for Medical Device Manufacturing

Product: Series 300 Vinyl Fire and Sound / Furring 500

Application: ISO 8 / Class 100,000 Vestibule and Cleanroom

Benefits Provided:

  • Minimal impact to facility during installation.
  • Environmental control for ISO 8 validation.
  • Coordination with construction trades for efficient construction process.
e-liquid manufacturing clean room

E-Liquid Manufacturing Cleanroom

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Application: E-Liquid Manufacturing Cleanroom

Product Line: OmniFlex Two-Story Building

Benefits Provided:

  • Provided a clean environment that met ISO 6 (Class 1,000) classification
  • Fast and low mess installation allowed client to maintain manufacturing progress, uninterrupted during the new construction project.
  • Flexibility to expand or even re-locate the building due to future growth or changes in business needs.
cleanroom for o-ring packaging

Cleanroom for O-Ring Manufacturing

Location: Lexington, KY

Application: Cleanroom ISO 7 (Class 10,000)

Product: Series 300 with FRP Fire & Sound Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • A complete, turn-key solution through PortaFab’s existing network of cleanroom contractors.
  • Multiple clean environments in which to contain each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • ISO 7 (Class 10,000) classification.
  • Recirculating airflow design and positive pressure.
semiconductor cleanroom

Semiconductor Cleanroom

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Application: Cleanroom

Product: Series 300 & P2000 ESD (electro-static discharge) Epoxy-Coated Aluminum Skins on Fire & Sound Panels.

Benefits Provided:

  • Anti-static wall system to maintain standards for semiconductor fabrication.
  • Double-wall system to ensure maximum envirionmental control.
  • Removable wall section to ease transfer of large equipment.
  • Use of P2000 wall system for economical construction of gowning area and air shower entry.
cleanroom polymers research lab

Cleanroom for Polymers Research

Location: Cleveland, OH

Application: Cleanroom (ISO 7 & ISO 8)

Product: Series 300 with Vinyl Fire & Sound Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Multiple ISO classifications for different areas including gowning room, storage area and main lab.
  • High visibility windows to serve as client demonstration area.
  • Complete turn-key solution through PortaFab’s involvement with general contractor, pre-construction meetings and on-site supervision during installation.
underground cleanroom

Underground Cleanroom

Location: Lead, South Dakota

Application: Controlled Environment

Product: OmniFlex 11' Tall with Steel/Poly/Steel Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Thermal control to protect expensive research equipment
  • Dust and particulate-free environment to minimize the possibility of contamination
Ampex Recording Media Cleanroom

Cleanroom for Data Storage Tape Manufacturer

Location: Opelika, Alabama

Client: Ampex Recording Media

Product: CleanLine S3000 (30,000 S.F.)

Benefits Provided:

  • Flexibility
  • Class 100 / ISO 5 conformance capability
Pozzetta Micro Cleanroom

ISO 6 Microelectronic Cleanroom

Location: Englewood, Colorado

Client: Pozzetta Micro Clean

Product: CleanLine S3000 with Flush Windows (1,000 sq ft)

Benefits Provided:

  • Speed of completion
  • Corporate showpiece for attracting new business
Caterpillar Cleanroom

ISO 8 QC Inspection Cleanroom

Location: Lafayette, Indiana

Client: Caterpillar

Product: OmniFlex

Benefits Provided:

  • Allowed operation to comply with quality guidelines from major customer.
  • Integrated with conveyors and bridge crane with minimal plant disruption.
Pioneer Electronics Cleanroom

Cleanroom for Electronics Manufacturing

Location: Springboro, Ohio

Client: Pioneer Electronics

Product: OmniFlex (2,000 ft)

Benefits Provided:

  • Improved quality
  • Increased product yield
Felbro Foods Cleanroom

Cleanroom for Food Packaging Process

Location: Compton, California

Application: Achieving USDA Compliance in Mixing and Packaging

Product: PortaMax 458 XTRA TALL Wall System

Benefits Provided:

  • Quality control
  • USDA compliance
  • Improved product yield
Wilson Cook Cleanroom

Cleanroom for Medical Device Manufacturing

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Client: Wilson Cook Medical

Product: PM458 XTRA TALL Wall System (20,000 sq ft)

Benefits Provided:

  • Capability to achieve cleanliness and air quality standards
  • Flexibility to relocate
  • Minimal disruption and speed of construction
cleanroom medical packaging

Cleanroom for Medical Device Packaging

Location: Clearwater, MN

Client: T.O. Plastics

Product: Series 300 Panels with Anondized-Aluminum Framework FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Benefits Provided:

  • Cleanability
  • Recirculating air flow to meet ISO standards
  • Pass-through chamber to maintain cleanroom integrity