Our client is the market leader in the development and delivery of contemporary and electrified driveline systems and solutions for the automotive industry. As a growing company, that growth comes expansion. They needed a custom-built solution for their new warehouse test chambers which needed to meet specific safety guidelines and required a custom paint job for aesthetic reasons.

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Project Overview

Application: Create two test chambers to protect products and personnel from the  factory environment.

  • Custom-colored 4-wall (12’ tall) OmniFlex with Steel Fire and Sound Panels
  • 25 PSF Load-Bearing Roof
  • Accessible Roof-Mounted HVAC Unit
  • Lexan glazed windows for added safety in the event on object would strike a window during testing
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The Situation

Beyond the test chambers themselves, the entire solution needed to be built quickly, and with no disruption to daily operations. PortaFab worked closely with its distributor and the client to coordinate the installation process with the other trades involved in the build.

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Benefits Provided

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Adhered to the strict safety
requirements of the customer by
providing reinforced walls, roof and
Lexan glass

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Matched the European
custom color requirements by the

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Provided structural calculations so 
client could obtain proper building
permits for the structure

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Provided fast and clean installation
allowing for continued production
and minimized down time

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Provided the ability to relocate or 
modify as business evolves

sound proof facility

The Solution

The customer was considering conventional construction versus modular construction. With PortaFab’s modular solution, we engineered two test chambers with the PortaFab OmniFlex Steel Fire and Sound panels. These panels allowed for reduced sound within the test chambers and were also certified to meet the suggested safety standards that were required of the project.

mezzanine with storage

Modular Construction

Along with the benefits of the panels, the test chambers were installed with no disruption to daily warehouse operations, were built in a clean and timely fashion, and PortaFab was able to custom create the desired paint color required by the customer to fit their global branding standards. PortaFab’s modular solution met all the customers requirements, while also saving time and money for the overall project.

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