Pozzetta Products, a leading manufacturer of storage and handling solutions for the microelectronics industry, was creating a new business named Pozzetta Micro Clean. The goal of this company was to capitalize on the company's cleaning technology and experience to fulfill a growing need in the market for cleaning services of sensitive semiconductor, microelectronics, and medical products.

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Project Overview

Application: 1,000 Square Foot - Class 1000 Cleanroom
Product: CleanLine S3000 with Flush Windows

Benefits Provided:

  • Speed of completion
  • Corporate showpiece for attracting new business
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The Challenge

Pozzetta Micro Clean needed a customized cleanroom that could be quickly and efficiently constructed in order to get the new company up and running. Cleaning and drying equipment needed to interface seamlessly with the structural components and all windows needed to be flush with the wall to minimize any hidden areas for particulate. It also had to have a load bearing roof so that air filtration systems and other equipment could be mounted on the cleanroom envelope and not take up valuable space in their new facility. While they expected this business to grow rapidly, they still wanted to start small and utilize modular components that would allow them to expand without significant additional costs.

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The Evaluation


Pozzetta chose a modular cleanroom system from PortaFab that could be easily customized to fit their exact requirements and provided a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. The modular system could also be built more quickly and would allow them the future flexibility they desired.

"When I began the development of this cleanroom, I described Pozzetta's process, detailed their specifications, and sent a rough sketch. PortaFab's engineers then prepared drawings and outlined the exact components needed to construct the cleanroom. This wasn't a kit cleanroom, all components including the air filtration and humidity control systems, doors, windows, equipment storage and more were seamlessly integrated into the cleanroom design from the start."

- Don ZPortaFab Dealer

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The Solution


The end product was a 1,000 square foot, class 1000 cleanroom that utilized PortaFab's CleanLine S3000 all aluminum stud system along with flush windows and aluminum/vinyl hardboard composite wall panels. It includes a main work area, a gowning room and an equipment room and provides effective control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration.

Pozzetta Products
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The Results

From the date of first contact, the cleanroom was completely finished in about six months and Pozzetta Micro Clean was able to launch its new cleaning services without any issues. Plus, the attractive high-tech look of the new class 1,000 cleanroom made it a showpiece for potential customers. The aluminum stud and wall systems created this impressive look that interfaced seamlessly with floors, ceilings and mechanical components to provide an ultra-clean environment.


Since its completion, the cleanroom has helped Pozzetta Micro Clean achieve significant business growth and to expand its business in the semiconductor, solar, optical, and medical industries. In fact, the versatility of the cleanroom facility has them anticipating additional growth in the coming year.

"The Pozzetta Micro Clean class 1000 cleanroom has now become a showcase for all of our affiliate companies. Because of its pristine condition, we bring all potential customers through the facility in order to demonstrate our credibility in the industry. I am glad we decided to go with a modular cleanroom because we are already operating near the full capacity of this cleanroom and the modular nature of the PortaFab systems will allow us to expand easily."

- Collin Sloan President of Pozzetta Micro Clean

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