Our client is a leading manufacturer of stereo products for the car, home and business markets, with high profile clients around the world including Lexus and Toyota. Due to the sensitive nature of electronics manufacturing, dust and other airborne particles were a cause for concern as even the smallest particle could land on a circuit board and compromise the quality of their product. As a result, our client was actively searching for a way to protect their manufacturing processes as well as maximize throughput in their facility. Our client reached out to PortaFab in order to discuss a need for greater environmental control within their manufacturing plant.

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Project Overview

Application: 2,000 Feet of Cleanroom Wall Panels
Product: Omniflex

Benefits Provided:

  • Improved product quality through greater environmental control.
  • Enclosed processes to maximize product yield.
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The Evaluation

During the evaluation process, our distributor identified a variety of products that could provide a custom solution with the required level of environmental control. Due to the wide variety of modular wall systems, panels and interchangeable components, our distributor determined that PortaFab offered the unique ability to effectively meet this client's goals and budget.

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The Solution


Our distributor supplied their client with the OmniFlex, steel stud modular wall system. Featuring load-bearing roofs and 18-foot high walls without the cost of support columns, the OmniFlex offers a high quality and low-cost solution, making it a popular choice when comparing modular wall systems. While this system is not necessarily designed for cleanroom applications, it was the perfect fit for this project since there was no requirement to meet a particular classification.

"Unlike other cleanroom manufacturers that have very limited systems and a couple of wall panels options, we have multiple systems and wall panels in both our cleanroom and inplant office lines that can be combined to create an assortment of custom enclosures that will enhance product quality, increase yields and maximize throughput."

- Wayne McGee PortaFab President

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The Result


Featuring all-white steel wall panels, the OmniFlex system provided the optimal environmental control that was essential to the client's needs. The flow of particulate in the air was controlled utilizing high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and the wall system provided excellent thermal insulation and sound deadening properties, increasing the efficiency of sound-performance tests throughout the plant.

By improving the environmental conditions within their manufacturing facility by using modular systems from PortaFab, this client later reported an improved product yield and increased ROI.

Cleanroom for Electronics Manufacturing

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