What To Consider When Evaluating Modular Companies

When it comes to creating, controlling, partitioning or protecting your space, we know that you have many choices.  Here are 8 things to consider when evaluating modular building system suppliers. 

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8 Reasons to Choose PortaFab

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1. Non-Progressive Construction

One of the most important things to ask is whether the building allows for future reconfiguration or modification? While many suppliers claim to offer easy modification of their wall panels, PortaFab offers a truly non-progressive system. Two-piece steel stud sections allow for easy relocation of individual wall panels without disturbing adjacent panels or ceiling tiles while a 3" tall vinyl base cove hides any evidence that a modification has been made.


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2. Structural Integrity

The heart of any modular building is its framing system and this is one area where you do not want to compromise on quality. In regards to structural integrity, PortaFab's OmniFlex, Cleanline and XTRA TALL wall systems lead the industry.  Stud sections physically connect back-to-back providing the strongest load-bearing system on the market. The unique double layer steel studs provide more strength at a lower cost than single layer studs and the rolled ends reduce tear risks during assembly.


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3. Electrical Functionality

The ideal modular wall system will allow for wiring capabilities on both sides of the stud without affecting the structural integrity of the stud. Removable "snap-in" cover plates can allow for easy inspection of raceways and electrical or communication lines should be able to be added at any time, during or after installation, without purchasing additional stud components or cutting into them.

Hint: Our OmniFlex Wall System offers all of these advantages and our modular electrical wiring package makes both installation and future modifications simple.


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4. Appearance

Although many companies do not realize this, your facility is your brand image. It's a representation of your business. Whether it's our vinyl cove base, one-piece aluminum cornice molds, or baked on polyester enamel finishes, PortaFab realizes that appearances are important.

By offering a limitless number of custom design, colors and a dedication to design consistency, we take the extra measures to ensure that our buildings not only function well, but also project a positive image to your employees, customers, and visitors.


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5. Quality Components

Don't let the focus on quality end with the wall systems. From our 1-3/4" heavy-duty 20 gauge steel doors to our 1/4" tempered safety glass windows, we make sure that all of our components and accessories are designed for the rugged industrial environments in which they will operate.


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6. Versatility

With the largest selection of interchangeable modular components, PortaFab's modular offices and enclosures can be accessorized to fit virtually every need. In addition to a wide variety of standard features, there are a number of special options available.

  • Sound, thermal, and fire insulation
  • Unique electrical and lighting specifications
  • Special aesthetic requirements customized to fit your desired look
  • Storage roofs
  • Structural mezzanines


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7. Service

Our commitment to quality extends to our international network of PortaFab dealers, who must meet the highest quality industry standards of customer service, industry knowledge and expert installation procedures.

All of our dealer partners are factory-trained on our entire product line so you can rely on them to handle all of your needs including delivery and installation. With PortaFab, you get a local dealer that can provide one stop shopping for all of your needs.

With our "Quick Ship" Program, you also get speed. 80% of our orders are shipped within 5 days!


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8. Support

With a staff of engineers outfitted with the latest CAD and MRP systems, we stand ready to provide quality engineered drawings, design assistance, and whatever else you need to make your project a success.

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