PortaFab modular wall systems are ideally suited for creating acoustical enclosures to provide control over excessive noise levels in industrial and manufacturing applications. Using pre-engineered components, our modular buildings are a cost-effective alternative to stick construction and have been used to:

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Create Sound Barriers

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Minimize Distractions from Noise and Activity

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Isolate or Enclose High-Noise Equipment or Processes

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Acoustical Enclosures

PortaFab acoustical enclosures can be built around existing equipment, outfitted with laminate glass and STC dependent panels for greater isolation, and can feature thicker and taller walls to accommodate large pieces of equipment. Sound attenuating insulation can also be added in the ceiling for greater sound absorption.

fire & sound wall panels

Fire & Sound Panels

The Fire & Sound family of wall panels features a polystyrene core that provides excellent thermal insulation and sound deadening properties.  This core is covered on each side by either vinyl-faced gypsum or with optional steel or FRP surfaces.

Panel Thickness STC R-Value
3” 31 11
4 5/8 31 16
steel sound wall panels

Steel Sound Panels

Panels featuring mineral wool like our Steel Sound panel are often specified for both their excellent sound absorbing and thermal insulating capabilities. As a natural substance that is resistant to fire and moisture, the mineral wool is an ideal core material for an acoustical wall panel.

Panel Thickness STC R-Value
3” 42 12
4 5/8 42 19
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Additional Benefits

Increased sound deadening qualities
Reduction of decibels and OSHA decibels hearing protection
Improved thermal insulation
Enhanced safety to personal
Easy integration of multiple components

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Why modular?

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Little to No Maintenance Required
  • Reduced Construction Cost
  • Reduced Design Time
  • Tax Advantages
  • Environmentally Friendly
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