As one of the largest manufacturers of modular building systems in the world, we have extensive capabilities and experience in designing and laminating sandwich and wall panels for a wide variety of applications. Typical laminated panels utilize foam, wood, or honeycomb cores sandwiched between high strength facing and substrate materials to produce lightweight panels with specific characteristics.

Standard Specifications

Materials: Foam, wood, honeycomb cores Sizes: Up to 4 ft. x 20 ft. Thicknesses: Up to 6 inches R-values: Varies by core material Fire Rating: Class A non-combustible options available Acoustic Properties: Sound deadening panels available


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Standard Panels

The following list shows some of our most commonly requested sandwich panels. Most of these can be made in various thicknesses with alternative faces and such.

Infill Panel

Infill Panels
Attractive, energy-efficient alternative or complement to glass panels.

Insulation Panel

Insulation Panels
Infill panels featuring thick poly iso cores for increased insulation values.

Sound Panel

Sound Panels
Panels with increased sound deadening characteristics for better acoustical performance.

Veneer Panel

Veneer Panels
Low cost, light weight panels featuring a smooth exterior finish.

Cladding Panel

Cladding Panels
Low cost, light weight panels featuring a textured exterior finish.

Storefront Panels

Storefront Panels
Maintenance-free, impact resistant alternative or complement to glass storefronts.

Building Panel

Building Panels
Good fire and impact resistance offers attractive alternative or complement to glass.

Fiberglass Cladding Panel

Fiberglass Cladding
Easy to clean panels are ideal for interior cladding on walls in laboratories type applications.

Aluminum Covered Gypsum

Aluminum Gypsum
Easy to clean panels ideal for interior cladding on walls in cleanroom type applications.

FRP Covered Plywood

FRP Covered Plywood
Interior cladding panels often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and animal shelters.

FRP Covered OSB

FRP Covered OSB
Panels designed to provide an easily maintained surface for interior wall applications.

Polyethylene Covered Gypsum Board

PE Covered Gypsum
Polyethylene surface provides an easily maintained panel for interior wall applications.

FRP Covered Luan

FRP Covered Luan
Panels provide an easy to clean surface for interior wall applications.

Fire & Sound

Fire & Sound
Value-oriented panels with excellent thermal insulation, sound deadening properties, and a class A noncombustible rating.

Steel Fire & Sound

Steel Fire & Sound
Fire & Sound panels with durable steel surfaces on front and back.

Fire & Sound with Steel Exterior

F & S with FRP Exterior
Excellent cleanability on a non-combustible and sound reduction panel.

FRP on Polystyrene

FRP on Polystyrene
Ideal for laboratories and any other application exposed to moisture or harsh cleaning agents.

Steel on Polystyrene

Steel on Polystyrene
Light weight panels with excellent thermal resistance and a durable steel exterior.

Steel on Polyisocyanurate

Steel on Polyiso
Totally non-combustible wall panel with excellent thermal insulation.

Steel on Polyisocyanurate

Stainless Steel on Polyiso
Attractive and durable panels with excellent properties.

Hardboard on Polystyrene

Hardboard on Paper
Extremely light weight panels with excellent strength to weight ratio.

slatwall panel

Slatwall Panel
Store display or wall panels that accommodate a wide variety of slatwall accessories.

aluminum honeycomb panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
See our full line of custom and standard aluminum honeycomb panels.

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