With proven, long-term success supplying wall systems for all types manufacturing and industrial environments, PortaFab has developed a number of panels designed specifically for spaces requiring an extra level of durability and ruggedness. Here are some of our more popular industrial wall panels.

Fire & Sound with Steel

"Z" Clip Design

The PharmaWall System utilizes a patent pending "Z" clip design that integrates with our 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick panels to be hung off a metal stud framework or an existing wall. Panels can be easily removed without disturbing adjacent panels.

By connecting to a metal stud framework you no longer have to be limited with the depth of your utility chases. All piping, mechanical and electrical processes can be easily integrated within a 3-5/8", 6", 12" or 18" cavity without having to create a "double" wall out of two free-standing partition walls.

Steel Thermal Wall

Utility Integration

Process service panels are easily integrated into the PharmaWall system in a recessed manner that minimizes ledges and joints. The panels can be designed to allow maintenance access and provide for future piping expansion.

The modular design of PharmaWall allows cleanroom designers and contractors the ability to make field modifications during the installation process. This flexibility provides for a number of potential design cost savings.

Steel Fire and Sound

Radius Coving

Radius covings create fully flush corner transitions and seamless wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-floor connections. Monolithic wall and ceiling joints are bonded together and all electrical receptacles and windows are constructed to provide a totally flush surface. Three way welded corner assemblies are available for inside ceiling corner and wall intersections.

By providing aseptic detail at all corners, the PharmaWall system allows for total "cleanability." All wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling junctions are trimmed with an extruded coving that features a large 3" radius.The 2-piece cove connects into an extruded clip that can be mounted to either wall or ceiling surfaces.

Recessed panel base features an extruded aluminum track to accept both epoxy floor coves or VCT floor coving, producing a sealed, radius transition between the floor and wall.

Steel Thermal Wall

Double Wall Design

This double wall concept offers unique flexibility for pharmaceutical applications. The PharmaSystem Wall utilizes a patent pending "Z" clip design that integrates with metal stud framework which allows you to create utility chases with extended depth. All piping, mechanical, and electrical processes can be easily integrated within a 3-5/8", 6", 12", or 18" cavities without having to create a "double" wall out of two free-standing partition walls.

With panel thicknesses between 0.500" and 0.625", PharmaWalls provide a smart alternative to creating a chase wall from two thicker and more costly panels. Plus the metal stud framework provides separate utility and electrical support and can be prepped for all fit ups. Structural metal studs or columns within the chases that carry beam loads can also be used to create free-standing envelopes.

For future flexibility, individual panels can be easily removed by striking the joints and removing the panel off the framework.

Steel Thermal Wall

Furring Wall

Furring or liner walls are easy to create with PharmaSystem's "Z-Clip" design. These clips can be adhered to traditional construction materials like metal, concrete, and wood to easily line an existing room.

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