Office Construction Made Easy

Need to maximize space in your warehouse quickly and easily?

As the Midwest’s oldest modular systems manufacturer, PortaFab is the recognized name in modular construction. Our modular systems simplify in-plant office construction by using pre-engineered components to streamline design, reduce costs and provide ongoing flexibility.

This flexibility is a result of a post and panel design, which allows for a quick and clean installation process – minimizing the impact to your existing operations, and reducing the need for downtime while our offices or buildings are being installed.

From the initial sales visit, to the completed installation, PortaFab’s design, engineering and installation teams make the entire approval and ordering process simple and easy.

And if future needs change, all of our buildings can be reconfigured, moved or even relocated, without ever showing signs that a modification has been made. After all, change is inevitable. Our adaptable buildings ensure you will always receive a positive return on investment by offering years of performance and dependability.

PortaFab: Office Construction Made Easy.