With over 30 years serving the cleanroom industry, PortaFab’s CleanLine system simplifies cleanroom construction by using pre-engineered modular components to streamline design, reduce costs and provide ongoing flexibility.

This system features three distinct product lines in varying thicknesses to accommodate a variety of applications in the most cost-effective manner possible.

  • Our PortaMax wall system can be used for reaching heights over 16 feet - or as a loadbearing wall system.
  • Our 3-inch standard wall offers a more economical solution for loadbearing applications with heights up to 16 feet.
  • Our quarter-inch and half-inch furring (fur-ing) wall can be used to effectively clad existing walls.

The CleanLine wall system can be outfitted with a variety of panels, including custom options ranging from steel to fiberglass, based on your specific application or requirements.

The CleanLine system can also accommodate numerous window sizes and configurations including custom glazing options.

Multiple door options can be integrated into the CleanLine system including sliding doors, swing doors and roll up doors to meet a variety of needs.

Other elements can be added quickly and easily into this versatile system including pass-throughs, wall partitions, air showers, air columns and wall and floor coving.

The gasket grid ceiling system utilizes standard cleanroom ceiling tiles and can accommodate lighting and fan filter units.

Our corrugated roof deck caps off the design for a clean and professional finish. If required, a panelized roof system can be used in place of the roof deck to provide greater insulation and thermal control.

The flexibility of this wall system is a result of its post and panel design, which allows for easy expansion or future modifications without ever showing signs that a repair has been made.

PortaFab’s pre-engineered CleanLine wall system offers a simplified solution for cleanroom design and build applications:

  • Less time to design
  • Less cost to build
  • More flexibility

PortaFab: Cleanroom Construction Made Easy.


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