The Most Cost-Effective Way to Create More Space

Video Transcript

Do you need to create more space? Enter PortaFab.

Our pre-engineered modular building systems provide you with multiple ways to create more space without the costs and complexity associated with traditional construction. Two-story offices, load-bearing buildings with storage decks, and mezzanine-mounted units let you utilize the unused vertical space that already exists in your facility.

PortaFab's innovative load-bearing systems can be used to create 2-story modular offices that maximize your space while keeping personnel close to the plant floor and providing managers with a birds eye view of operations.

These same load-bearing systems can be used to create storage roof decks without the need for a structural mezzanine. By mounting horizontal support beams on top of the PortaFab's studs, overlaying corrugated roof decking, and adding a plywood flooring, a storage area can be created in previously unused space.

If freeing up even more floor space is your goal, PortaFab offices can be mounted on structural mezzanines that allow one to free up space for storage or operations. Plus, if you ever need to move your office or relocate to a new building, PortaFab versatile systems can be deconstructed, moved, and re-assembled in their new location quickly and cost-effectively.

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