A short video the highlights the three main cleanroom wall systems that PortaFab offers, along with specifications and common applications for each wall system. Learn more about our cleanroom wall systems.

Video Transcript

“PortaFab offers three distinct modular wall systems with numerous components that can integrate with one another to make it easy and cost-effective to design cleanrooms based on your specific needs and application.

The CleanLine wall system is an all-purpose cleanroom system from PortaFab. It is designed for applications requiring quality control, or to enclose and protect delicate machinery or processes.

The CleanLine wall system effectively meets ISO certifications, meets heights up to fifty feet tall, Features load-bearing capabilities, can be used to create stand-alone structures, and has multiple window, door and ceiling options.

Common applications for the CleanLine system include;

  • Medical device packaging areas
  • Plastic injection molding rooms
  • Sterile compounding facilities
  • Printing rooms
  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) rooms
  • Quality control or inspection rooms

The FabLine wall system is specifically designed for environmental control applications within the microelectronics and nanotechnology industries.

The Fabline wall system meets all ISO classifications, Offers extensive bulkheading flexibility, features anti-static wall panels, allows for easy integration into existing structures, and has multiple ceiling and wall systems for complete customization

Common Applications for the FabLine wall system include;

  • Microelectronics Manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology & Biotechnology Research
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Labs and Gowning Areas
  • Research Facilities
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing

Our PharmaSystem is designed for life science and biotechnology applications, requiring strict adherence to high-end, cGMP cleanroom regulations.

Our PharmaSystem features a Seamless and Flush Design from Floor to Ceiling, Easy-to-Clean Nonporous Surfaces, Extremely Durable and Non-shedding Wall Finishes and Easy Integration into Existing Structures.

Common Applications for the PharmaSystem system include

  • USP 797 Sterile Compounding Labs
  • Biochemical Testing and Research
  • IV Equipment Preparation and Fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical Testing or Packaging
  • FDA Enforced cGMP Protocol

All three cleanroom systems from PortaFab offer easy disassembly and relocation for quick expansion or reduction of space, Removable panels for easy service access or repairs, Unlimited customization based on the availability of multiple walls, doors, windows and ceiling options, quick and clean installation with minimal waste or cleanup, and a lower lifetime cost compared to traditional construction.

From in-plant buildings to critical environments, anything is possible with our abundant selection of interchangeable modular components and wall systems."


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