Video Transcript:

PortaFab Quick-Ship offices represent the pinnacle of industrial office design. They are easy to design, easy to specify, and easy to install. They come in 30 sizes with a number of standard features and can be configured with multiple options for your specific needs. Let's take a look at just how easy they are.

Construction starts with the laying of steel floor tracks made from sturdy, galvanized steel channels that hold wall panels securely in place. Next, structural corner posts featuring a non-progressive three-piece design are added. With the corner post mounted, one can begin installing the wall panels and additional structural studs.

Quick-Ship buildings feature our standard fire and sound wall panels made from two sheets of 1/2" thick vinyl face gypsum bonded to a polystyrene insulated core. These class a non-combustible panels are durable, easy to clean, and ideally suited for industrial applications. They are available in either eight foot or nine foot heights in champaign, gray, or white finishes on both sides.

Assembling the remaining wall panels and studs goes quickly while the multi-piece stud construction allows for a non-progressive system that makes future design modifications easy.

Pre-glazed windows can be easily integrated into as many panels as desired and feature an aluminum frame with one-quarter inch thick clear tempered safety glass measuring four feet by three feet or two feet by three feet.

The final step of the wall assembly process includes the integration of the door. Three foot by seven foot steel doors integrate seamlessly into each office thanks to our innovative structurally sound design that ships knocked down for easy installation and adjustment in the field.

Once all of the wall panels are in place, they are capped with a sturdy aluminum cornice mold painted to match the office, and provide a smooth finished appearance. The roof deck which is constructed of 22-gauge ribbed steel can then be laid into the cornice mold to finish off the building envelope and provide support for the ceiling grid. Support beams and angles are available for larger units.

With the building envelope in place, one can turn their attention to integrating electrical, data, lighting, and HVAC systems. Quick-Ship offices come with wiring posts with accessible raceways to accommodate electrical and data lines with duplex receptacles that can be placed in any wiring stud. An optional modular electric package is also available for those looking for a simple plug-and-play connection.

For lighting, offices are outfitted with a number of standard four lamp fixtures that are situated in the pre-painted wire hung metal ceiling grid that also supports the lay in acoustical ceiling tiles made from non-combustible white fissured mineral board.

To keep your team comfortable, quick-ship units can also be prefabricated with framed cutouts that accommodate a variety of AC/HVAC systems in several btu capacities to fit your specific needs.

To complete the exterior, and give the office a smooth finished look, we feature a screw-on vinyl base that is easily removable and contains no exposed screws or fasteners.


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