Available in a variety of face sheet thicknesses, cell sizes and core thicknesses, PortaFab hurricane panels are designed to meet the wind load requirements for construction in many hurricane prone areas. The structural panels eliminate the need for stiffeners and protective backer materials and are designed to resist small flying debris. They can be shop-fabricated for quick and easy mounting onto the curtain wall at the job site and can be integrated into both wet seal and aesthetic dry seal joint systems.

Standard Construction

Face: .060” Aluminum
Core: Aluminum honeycomb
Back: .040” Aluminum

aluminum honeycomb hurricane panel drawing


Features & Applications

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Corrosion Resistant Icon

Corrosion Resistant

Strength and Durability Icon

High Strength and
Excellent Durability

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Flat Tolerances

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Titanium and Stainless Steel Options Icon

Optional Titanium and Stainless Steel
Surfaces Available

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Curtain Walls

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Infill Panels

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Ceiling Panels

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Column Enclosures

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Wall Cladding

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