Hurricane Panels

Formacore is an ideal cladding material for the facades of commercial office and public buildings including schools, libraries, museums, hospitals and other small and mid-sized structures in hurricane prone areas. Panels can be designed to meet small wind borne debris test that is required above 30 feet. The panel flexibility adds value for architects, designers and contractors because of its unlimited design possibilities. Hurricane Panels can be fabricated to meet complex design specifications such as angles while offering the flat, smooth, and consistent surface of the aluminum composite material.

Varying face sheet thicknesses, cell sizes and core thicknesses eliminate the need for stiffeners and protective backer materials. Formacore panels can be shop-fabricated for quick and easy mounting onto structural steel studs at the job site, reducing installation time and costs as compared to other facades such as brick and stucco. Panel installation can be fabricated into both wet seal and aesthetic dry seal joint systems.