Test Results for Formacore Curtain Wall Panels

Test Results Assure The Product Quality
In environmental durability (bond strength) and accelerated aging test, the Formacore aluminum composite panels withstood 1,000 hours of 100% relative humidity at 120ºF and maintained a minimum tensile strength of 300psi.

Fire Safety And Flammability Testing
All of the principal components of the Formacore panels: the aluminum face, honeycomb core and aluminum liner, are inorganic. Consequently, they do not contribute in any way to the ignitability or flame propagation characteristics of the total wall assembly. (A controlled quantity of laminating adhesive is the only organic component within the panel.)


Test Results Test Method
Sound Transmission Loss Test STC = 28 ASTM E90-02 and E413087
Flame Spread* 5 ASTM E-84
Smoke Development 0 ASTM E-84
Outgassing Non-outgassing
0.012 ppm/mg weight loss
Finishes: Adhesion No lift off ASTM D3359, Method A
Finishes: Impact Resistance No lift off ASTM D2794
Finishes: Flexibility Pass ASTM D1737-62,53T
Finishes: Taber Abrasion 1,000 cycles of the CS- 10
wheels 5.6-mg weight loss
ASTM D4060

*Any numerical flame spread classification referred to in this brochure does not define the hazard presented by this material under actual fire conditions.

Potential heat of the Formacore panel is approximately 1,600 BTU's/square foot, which is well below the 6,000 BTU's/square foot maximum permitted under both ICBO and SBCCI.

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