Formacore Curtain Wall Features

In addition to the design and structural aspects that make Formacore panels so desirable, there are many other features that make them ideal for many architectural projects.

A variety of custom colors ranging from subtle earth tones to sparkling "hi-tech" metallics can be matched to your design.  See standard colors.

A nominal 1.2 mil coating system consisting of Kynar® 500-based fluropolymer (70%) PVF2 finish coat over a 0.2 mil primer is the standard finish applied to the exterior side of all Formacore panels. It provides excellent environmental durability and outstanding color fastness. The liner sheet of the panel is pretreated.

Superior Rigidity
Formacore aluminum honeycomb core panels offer unsurpassed strength and design capabilities. Available in a variety of panel thicknesses, the panel can be designed without any need for stiffeners in order to meet rigid wind and hurricane load requirements and deflection loads. See Panel Rigidity Comparison.

Acoustical Performance
All of the principal components of the Formacore Acoustical Panels are designed either to absorb sound or to reflect or scatter sound in a special way. Resonant Sound Absorber panels can be designed to absorb selective sounds within a certain band of frequencies. Various patterns of perforated faced panels with foam or fiberglass battings within a honeycomb core are used to achieve acoustic absorption while minimizing panel weight and space.

Air & Light Diffusion
Aluminum ceiling panels can act as a means of straightening and directing air in free atmosphere and ducts. Perforations on both sides of a ceiling panel provide a flow-through design for both air and lighting.

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