Cleanroom Wall Panels

installing cleanroom wall panelPortaFab offers the widest variety of cleanroom wall panels in the industry in order to accommodate a variety of modular cleanroom applications.

Microelectronics Applications

Aluminum honeycomb panels tend to be the most popular wall panels chosen for microelectronics cleanrooms because of they are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding, and anti-static as well as lightweight and non-combustible.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical applications require panels that can be washed continuously without breaking down while architectural finishes withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals to resist microbial and fungal growth.

Custom Applications

Alternate surfaces and cores, however, are available to meet the requirements of any type of cleanroom application. Surfaces offered include melamine, vinyl, painted steel, stainless steel, Fiberglas™ reinforced plastic (FRP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high pressure laminates, and porcelainized steel.

Panel cores are available in expanded polystyrene, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, gypsum, isocyanurate, and mineral wool.

Cleanroom Wall Systems

cleanroom wall panels

PortaFab offers 3 distinct wall systems which allow for the configuration of our various cleanroom wall panels: 

Designed to meet the specifications for Class 10 to Class 100,000 (ISO 4 to ISO 8) environments.

Used primarily in the microelectronics and nanotechnology industries, these systems are ideal for applications requiring bulkheading flexibility or environments requiring non-outgassing, non-shedding and anti-static wall systems.

Designed for life science and pharmaceutical applications that require a flush wall surface with radius corners for ease of cleaning, nonporous surfaces, and resistance to microbial and fungal growth.

Click on one of the wall systems above to learn more about about that product, or visit our modular cleanroom wall systems page for more information.