Our client, a leading distributor of bicycle parts and products, was looking to expand its product line and add light assembly of custom bicycle wheels to double over the course of the next few years.

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Project Overview

Application: 9,000 sq. ft. freestanding mezzanine with composite deck, personnel elevator and equipment lift.
Product: Mezzanine

Benefits Provided:

  • Expandable for future requirement
  • Installed without losing any operation days
  • Clear column spacing up to 35 feet
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The Challenge

The client needed to increase the quantity and the volume of bicycle parts stocked within their distribution center but it was already using the maximum available floor space. Next, although the facility was full of existing shelving and rack, they could not afford to miss one day of operation due to the installation of the mezzanine. They also had serious concerns regarding the long-term durability of the mezzanine floor surface because they needed to use pallet jacks to move pallets of materials from place to place on top of the mezzanine. Finally, even though the sport of biking was on the rise with no slow down in sight, they had to be certain the direction they took was adaptable to inevitable changes in the near future.

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The Solution

The obvious solution was a mezzanine, but PortaFab designers and its dealer got involved to help engineer the right solution for our client. The location of each mezzanine column was critical to assure the column would not interfere with traffic aisles or the flow of existing operations.

PortaFab was able to incorporate a 9,000 sq. ft. freestanding mezzanine with conveyors, equipment lifts, and personnel lifts into the clients existing operation without affecting daily operations. The mezzanine was designed around the existing equipment layout to incorporate clear column spacing up to 35 ft. and cantilever to an existing wall along one side. The 20 gauge steel assured adequate structural capacity and the deck was coated with a dense composite decking material to withstand the constant abuse of the pallet jacks. It also featured a white underside that reflected light beneath the mezzanine and decreased the quantity of lights required.

PortaFab also built the mezzanine to allow for future expansion along one side, and since the initial installation, has installed additional expansions of 4800 sq. ft. and 6,000 sq. ft.

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