Given the stringent requirements involving product contamination from outgassing, FabLine wall systems are typically outfitted with varying types of aluminum or steel wall panels. Listed below are some of the more common options, but our design engineers will be happy to review options for your specific application.

Aluminum honeycomb panel illustration

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

When applications require a lightweight, high strength composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panels are often the best solution. These panels are non-combustible and have high resistance to moisture, corrosion, and fungi.

Standard Construction
Face: .032 Aluminum
Core: Aluminum honeycomb
Back: .032 Aluminum

Anodized aluminum panel illustration

Anodized Aluminum Panels

High strength architectural soffit panels are available in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, and densities with numerous panel edge options.

Standard Construction
Face: .040" Anodized Aluminum
Core: Aluminum honeycomb
Back: .040" Anodized Aluminum

Perforated wall and ceiling panel illustration

Perforated Wall and Ceiling Panels

Perforated wall and ceiling panels can act as a means of straightening and directing air in free atmosphere and ducts. Perforations on both sides of a ceiling panel provide a flow thru design for both air and lighting.

Standard Construction
Face: .040" Perforated aluminum sheet
Core: Aluminum honeycomb (½" cell)
Back: .040" Perforated aluminum sheet

Aluminum treadplate panel illustration

Aluminum Treadplate Panels

These structural aluminum panels feature a stainless steel treadplate face for applications requiring a walkable ceiling plank. They can be installed in the same basic manner as ceiling tile and are available in Kynar, epoxy, and anodized finishes on the opposite side.

Standard Construction
Face: 1/8" Stainless steel aluminum treadplate
Core: Aluminum honeycomb
Back: .032" Aluminum

Painted steel illustration

Painted Steel

These aluminum panels are ideal for controlled environments and cleanrooms due to their non-particulating and non-outgassing nature along with their excellent resistance to chemicals. They are ideal for wall panels, ceiling panels and door infills.

Standard Construction
Face: Painted steel
Core: Aluminum honeycomb
Back: Painted steel

Standard construction panel illustration

Standard Construction

Featuring face and back sections made from 24-gauge PVC coated steel, these panels are ideal in applications where organic contamination is critical. The PVC coating allows the panel seams to be chemically welded for a seamless, monolithic surface.

Standard Construction
Face: 24-gauge PVC coated steel
Core: Aluminum honeycomb (½" cell)
Back: 24-gauge PVC coated steel

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