Other than financial, what are some additional advantages of modular cleanroom construction?

Answered By: Tim Loughran

Modular construction lends itself to increasing your speed, cleanliness and quality of construction. Let me explain - speed is pretty easy. Modular construction is manufactured off-site and erected on site. So constructing a building with modular components takes less time and therefore projects can be completed much quicker.

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Another advantage of modular construction is cleanliness. Traditional construction is a very dirty process by the nature of what it is – you put up that drywall, you finish that drywall and you paint that drywall. The finishing process of drywall is done through sanding which results in contamination. Ideally what you don’t want to have in a cleanroom is contamination built inside the walls. It’s very difficult to do drywall construction and not have particulate that comes out later because it’s been manufactured on site, and essentially built into the wall system.

The other advantage of modular is quality. When you’re dealing with modular construction, you’re dealing with factory tolerances. A modular system is manufactured to tolerances, and in a lot of cases ISO standards in a factory, so therefore it’s repeatable. One of the problems when doing on site construction is that the location (or environment) is different every time - it’s not a repeatable environment. So one of the great things about modular is that you can ensure that the quality is going to be the same, and that the finished project is going to be the same, no matter where you’re building it.

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