Our distributor worked closely with a Tier 1 automotive supplier, who required the installation of our XTRA-Tall demising walls to be constructed within their newly leased manufacturing facility. The walls would be used to create two separate environmental enclosures in order to house their automobile manufacturing processes.

Our distributor proposed the use of modular construction for this project based on its quicker depreciation rate and flexibility of reconfiguration. By utilizing modular components, the client could modify, expand, or even relocate the wall system based on future growth or expansion. This level of versatility greatly appealed to our client.

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Project Overview

Application: Thermal Equipment Enclosures

Product: SteelSpan 28-Foot Tall

Benefits Provided:

  • 28-foot tall thermal enclosures for equipment and manufacturing processes
  • Ability to reconfigure the space based on client needs
  • Accelerated depreciation
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The Challenge

The main challenge with this project included integrating the dividing wall with the existing ceiling structure. A complete seal from floor to ceiling would need to be formed in order to allow proper thermal control within the space. However, the current ceiling had preexisting lighting, piping, HVAC and sprinklers in place which made it a challenge to form a complete seal. In order to meet this challenge, PortaFab worked closely with the distributor and installer, who notched out areas within the wall system so that a seal could be formed.

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The Solution

In order to create the enclosures, the wall system would need to expand up to 28 feet high in order to create a thermal seal from floor to ceiling. High speed doors would need to be integrated into each enclosure for quick entry and exit of warehouse vehicles while maintaining environmental control.


Since the facility was a leased space, our modular systems provided the flexibility to reconfigure or relocate the building in the future if required. The level of versatility attained through modular construction offered advantages that would be unavailable with traditional construction methods, which proved valuable to our client.

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