PortaMax 500TB is a thermally broken framing system that offers a simple building solution for creating self-supported interior buildings and Cleanrooms.

A Better Way to Build Temperature-Controlled Clean Environments:

Standalone Structural Walls
In-Stud Electrical Raceway
Modular Flexibility
portamax 500tb processing room

Ideal for Food Applications

The PortaMax 500TB wall framing system is suitable for various needs in the food industry, offering self-supporting building solutions.

Common Applications:

  • Wash-down areas
  • Chill rooms
  • Cold storage
  • Packaging spaces
  • Processing rooms
  • USDA compliant Cleanrooms

Structural Capacity with PortaMax 500TB

PortaMax 500TB can bear weight on its own, eliminating the need for extra supports, which makes construction more efficient and cost-effective. An aluminum support post made of two sections with insulation in between, these parts join together to create a thermally insulated framework. The PortaMax 500TB framework accepts a 1/4", 1/2", and 2"-thick wall panel on both sides to create a cleanable wall surface/envelope.


IMPs vs. PortaMax 500TB

Its self-supporting design distinguishes it from insulated metal panels (IMPs), which lack load-bearing capacity. This characteristic reduces the need for additional structural support and engineering, simplifying construction and minimizing costs.

Plus, with a non-progressive design and standalone structural wall systems, walls can be easily moved when business needs change, or to service equipment. IMPs, on the other hand, are typically more permanent and are not as easily moved.

portamax 500tb tall wall partitions

Wiring Capabilities with PortaMax 500TB

Removable "snap-in" cover plates allow for wiring capabilities and easy inspection of raceways without affecting the structural integrity of the stud.

portamax 500tb stud profile

Wiring Studs

One side of the PortaMax 500TB stud features an electrical raceway and “snap-in” cover plate for running wiring and supply lines.


Modular Flexibility with PortaMax 500TB

The multi-piece stud construction allows for easy disassembly of the PortaMax 500TB stud to access the wall at any point while still maintaining structural integrity. This flexibility allows for seamless panel replacement, door and window installation, or configuration adjustments, a feature not found in tongue and groove panel connections or IMPs.


Additional Benefits - Why Modular?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Reduced design time
  • Tax advantages
  • Environmentally friendly
portamax 500tb tall wall partitions

System Integration

Component Integration Specifications
Wall Panels Compatible with a variety of standard and custom wall panels. Thickness 5" stud that accepts 1/4", 1/2", and 2"-thick wall panels.
Windows 4 standard window styles with a variety of sizes and glazing options. Heights Standard wall heights up to 23'.
Doors Capable of integration with standard, roll-up, sliding, and other doors. Material and Finish Anodized Aluminum
Electric Wiring raceway for easy integration of electrical, voice and data lines. Modular electric systems also available. Colors All studs are anodized aluminum that pair with a variety of colored panels.
Climate Control Can be integrated with central HVAC systems, wall units, or ductless systems. Load-bearing Yes

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