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PortaFab serves the greater Pittsburgh area with certified modular office building contractors, prefab industrial wall partition installers and modular clean room suppliers.

Modular Office & In-Plant Building Dealers in Pittsburgh, PA

PortaFab’s modular in-plant office buildings and prefabricated wall panels are supported by a nationwide network of companies, including local dealers in Pittsburgh that specialize in the sales, installation and servicing of our modular office building systems.

Our modular systems carry a variety of uses, from industrial inplant offices and buildings, to demising walls and prefabricated office wall partitions. View our application page to review more sample applications of our modular systems, or visit or Modular Offices page for additional information on our 5-Day Quick Ship and Custom Building options.


Cleanroom Manufacturers & Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA  

We have several contractors and dealers located in Pittsburgh that can assist you with everything from initial sales of a modular unit, on through the installation process at your facility. Our Pittsburgh clean room suppliers are capable of specifying and installing everything from industrial buildings with environmental control to high-tech critical environments for the pharmaceutical or microelectronics industries.

Below are some sample applications of our modular cleanroom systems. You can view more photos in our cleanroom applications gallery below. 


Industrial Wall Partition & Modular Wall Panel Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA 

While many PortaFab wall systems are used to design and construct modular buildings, our industrial wall partitions can be used to separate plant space, provide environmental control, or create designate work areas inside your Pittsburgh-based facility. Distinct product lines exist to meet a wide variety of applications. 

Recent Projects Near Pittsburgh 

ES3 - York, PA

ES3 is a third-party logistics company who required additional office space at their facility in York Pennsylvania. After discussing the benefits of construction using modular systems, including the flexibility to reconfigure and relocate in the future, our distributor provided ES3 with new office space using our popular OmniFlex wall system. 


John Deere - Pittsburgh, PA

Based on their dedication to improving product quality and processes within their manufacturing facility, John Deere required the installation of a paint finishing enclosure. Discussing the benefits of PortaFab's product line with their client, our distributor constructed an environmentally controlled enclosure with our OmniFlex wall system. 


PPC Lubricants - Jonestown, PA

PPC, a manufacturer of lubricants for the automotive and other industries, required the installation of new office space at their corporate headquarters in Jonestown, PA. Based on the flexibility for future expansion and reconfiguration, they opted to utilize PortaFab's modular systems for the project. Our distributor constructed the new office space utilizing our popular OmniFlex system with Fire and Sound wall panels to reduce noise within the office and provide a suitable working environment.


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