Choosing Cleanroom Doors

Question: What factors should you consider when evaluating cleanroom doors?

Cleanroom door selection is an interesting topic because from a cleanliness standpoint, the decisions are somewhat easy. In a pharmaceutical environment (or with the PharmaSystem) you’re concerned about cracks or crevices in the door and how microbial growth can result from that. But the decision process for a cleanroom door is more influenced by what you need from the entry and exit of people, personnel and materials, than on how a door relates to the cleanliness level.

So what really is required in making the decision on what type of door to use is having flexibility. One of the great things about PortaFab’s variety of wall systems is the ability to mix and match door requirements with wall and ceiling systems. This allows you to make a decision on the door that you need, instead of basing it on the type of cleanroom system that you have.

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