Cleanroom Design FAQs: Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

Question: What factors should you consider when choosing a cleanroom ceiling system?

Making a decision on ceiling systems, like the wall systems, is dictated by what your cleanliness classification is and what you’re worried about from a cleaning agent standpoint. But then you have to add one more factor to that, which is how much weight the ceiling will need to support.

Commonly with pharmaceutical clean room systems, you’ll want to use panelized ceiling systems that minimize the amount of available cracks and crevices to prevent microbial growth. In most other cleanroom systems you’ll be going with a T-bar ceiling. Determining the type of T-bar ceiling you use depends on the cleanliness classification and the weight of the ceiling. In most instances, the default system turns out to be a 2-inch rod hung ceiling, like the common PortaFab ceiling system.

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