Approval Drawings

PortaFab has developed a job committee to track and monitor the progress of any large or special job from the time the building is ordered to the time it ships and arrives on site at you and your customer's facility. The purpose for this procedure is to protect both our distributors and end users from communication errors.

PortaFab will supply a complete set of details and drawings for customer and distributor approval. These details not only allow the end-user to review and approve the layout prior to production, but will also allow the PortaFab distributor a chance to review the plans and prepare for installation.

General Outline of Events

  • Order is placed with on-site date required noted on P.O.
  • Schedule letter outlining drawing submittal and preliminary ship date sent.
  • Approval drawings completed and sent (typically within 7-10 days).
  • Drawings are returned from distributor/customer marked "approved as drawn" along with distributor's authorized signature.
  • Job committee review drawings one last time.
  • If committee or engineering determines the drawing need to be re-submitted , a revised set of drawings will be sent out.
  • Ship date is assigned and job is released into system.

How to Read a PortaFab Drawing