PortaFab modular wall systems are ideally suited for a wide range of applications.  From creating aesthetically-pleasing office partitions featuring oversized glass panels to cost-effectively segmenting out space in large commercial and manufacturing environments, our pre-engineered systems are an attractive alternative to stick-built construction.

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Provide Sound & Temperature Control

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Minimize Distractions from Noise and Activity

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Create Great Meeting Space

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All-Purpose Wall Panels

While our composite wall panels can be designed and manufactured to meet virtually any specification, two of our more popular panels - chosen for their cost, performance and compliance with most building codes - include our Fire & Sound and FRP Thermal Panels.

fire & sound wall panels

Fire & Sound

Our best selling wall panel, the Standard Fire & Sound features a polystyrene core that provides excellent thermal insulation and sound deadening properties, two layers of gypsum to achieve a class A noncombustible rating and a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl surface with a very attractive appearance.

Panel Thickness STC R-Value
2” 32 3
3” 31 11
4 5/8 31 16
mineral wool wall panels

FRP Thermal

Ideal for creating space that needs to be regularly cleaned and sanitized, our FRP Thermal panel features a fiberglass reinforced plastic exterior over a polyisocyanurate core. The FRP provides a smooth, non-absorbent, easily cleanable surface that is often specified in food and healthcare environments.

Panel Thickness STC R-Value
3” 24 18
4 5/8 24 28
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Combine with Glass

data center wall partition

Integrating Glass

One of the most common requests we get involves combining an all-purpose wall panel with glass inserts.  PortaFab's innovative modular systems allow for a wide variety of options for integrating glass into the wall partitions.

  • Various sizes
  • Placement within the panel
  • Glazing options

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