PortaFab's 3 x 5 booth is one of our smallest booths and is often used as a parking lot booth, valet booth or small attendant booth.


The booth features:

  • 15 square feet of space
  • guard shacksTwo sliding doors
  • One 220v and 110v combo electrical outlet
  • One 24" light fixture
  • Factory installed integral roof
  • Aluminum tread plate flooring
  • Clear tempered safety glass windows
  • Interior clear height is 82-5/8"
  • Exterior booth height is 91"
  • Interior counter

Standard options include:

  • Painted framework/panels
  • Overhanging or tapered roofs
  • Extra height
  • Insulated walls/floor/ceiling
  • Optional doors
  • Optional window styles and glazing
  • Exterior spotlights
  • HVAC systems and exhaust fans
  • Forklift pockets or lifting rings
  • Intercom systems

guard shacks