Our client, located in Tennessee is a major supplier of truck glider kits (rebuilt or remanufactured powertrain components that are added to new or used tractor trucks) in an effort to provide better fuel economy and reliability for semi-trailer trucks. Due to expanding business needs, our client required the addition of new front office space and break areas at their manufacturing facility. After reviewing potential construction companies, our client showed interest in utilizing modular construction due to the quick and clean installation process.

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Project Overview

Application: Front Office Space and Break Room
Product: OmniFlex Vinyl Fire and Sound (8-1/2’ tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Reduced debris and installation timeframe by ordering pre-cut panels
  • Flexibilaity to reconfigure if needs change
  • Installation completed during normal business hours
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The Solution

After reviewing their client’s needs, which included a desire for the new construction to match the existing office areas and for the project to be completed during regular business hours, our distributor presented the case for modular construction.

The advantages offered by modular clearly outweighed conventional construction methods due to the inherent flexibility – modular systems can be reconfigured if/when business needs change - in addition to the reduced construction debris and installation timeframe. Lastly, the reduced number of trades (i.e. a two-man work crew) appealed greatly to our client, as it would reduce disturbances to the workplace during the installation.

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The Result

Based on the layout of the room, our distributor recommended using floor to ceiling wall partitions to create the new office and break room space at the facility. Our OmniFlex wall system would gel perfectly with the existing space and full glass panels could be utilized to open up the work areas and provide a modern design.


Because the project was to be completed during business hours, our distributor worked closely with PortaFab’s sales and engineering departments to pre-cut each panel to a specific height. This eliminated the need for field cutting, further reducing the potential distraction (including dust, debris and noise) to the surrounding work place. Our distributor completed this project on time and under budget, much to the satisfaction of our client.

Full Glass Wall Partitions

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