This company’s large, second floor office space had been the colloquial “bullpen” for years -- high energy space filled with cubicles and employees working in a common area. After identifying the need for private office space, the company looked for a solution that could be planned and installed with minimal disruption to the current operations.

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Project Overview

Application: Private Office Space

PortaFab Product:

Benefits Provided:

  • Exclusive office space with floor-to-ceiling walls, ensuring privacy within the open bullpen area.
  • Cost-effective solution with simplified installation compared to traditional "stick" construction methods.
  • Minimal disruption to the company's work schedule during the implementation process.
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The Challenge

This company realized the importance of having a nearby private office that would provide employees with a quiet environment to make phone calls or hold meetings with small groups in a separate area.

The challenge was to integrate this office within the existing space, while ensuring that the modifications could be completed swiftly and efficiently to minimize any disruptions to the workflow of the bustling office.

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The Solution

PortaFab's modular wall systems offered a seamless solution for creating the desired private office space. The distributor chose the OmniFlex framing system with Fire and Sound panels, which not only provide visually appealing wall partitions but also enhance sound conditions. Since PortaFab manufactures these panels in-house, they were able to easily customize the height to meet the specific requirement of 8'1" for a full floor-to-ceiling partition. These panels seamlessly integrate with windows, introducing natural light and significantly improving the overall comfort of the space.


Dealing with an existing drop ceiling can often pose challenges when aiming for a consistent ceiling design. However, PortaFab's modular wall system addresses this concern by attaching to an innovative C-Channel bracket. This bracket not only accommodates variations in ceiling height but also provides lateral support to the wall system. Its versatile design allows for future changes if needed, and the installation process is remarkably straightforward.

floor-to-ceiling wall partitions for private office space

The construction of the private office was initiated and completed over a weekend without any disruption to the workers. Additionally, since everything is prefabricated and installed on-site, there was no dust or mess typically associated with construction projects. This single-sourced project streamlined the process for the customer, eliminating the need for additional expenses and time spent coordinating multiple trades to get the job done.

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