Wall Partitions & Demising Walls

While many PortaFab wall systems are used to develop complete inplant offices, wall partitions can also be used to separate plant space, provide environmental control, or create designate work areas. Distinct product lines exist to meet a wide variety of applications.

XTRA TALL Wall Systems

PortaFab offers two wall systems for applications requiring extra tall walls:

  1. PortaMax XTRA TALL Wall Systems are available in steel and aluminum and can be used to create walls as tall as 40 feet high.
  2. SteelSpan is an "all in one" wall system that does not require a framing system. Its innovative design is ideal for effectively and economically dividing your plant space from floor to roof.
modular demising walls

Cleanroom Wall Partitions

As the leading manufacturer of modular wall systems for cleanrooms, we offer systems specifically designed for the microelectronics and life sciences industries as well as general applications like machine enclosures and laboratories.

clean room wall partitions

Glass Office Partitions

Not only do they look modern and sophisticated, glass partitions create office spaces that light through and enable supervision.

glass office wall partitions

Free Standing Wall and Office Partitions

By utilizing a steel support base, our popular OmniFlex 300 system can be used to create structurally sound office partitions that offer portability, yet are durable enough for industrial environments.

The OmniFlex system meets the 5 lb. per square foot load requirements that most traditional wall partitions do not. These walls divide office or industrial spaces to create defined work areas while incorporating existing lighting and HVAC systems.

free standing wall partitions

Data Center Wall Partitions

Our pre-engineered modular components allow you to construct reliable multi-tenant housings within your data center for ultimate security, or to create hot aisle and cool aisle configurations for data center cooling and energy efficiency.

Enclosures for Physical Security

Green & Energy Efficient Enclosures

data center wall enclosures