SteelSpan Wall Panels

The "All in One" Wall System

The SteelSpan "all in one" panel is an innovative modular wall system that does not require a framing system. Its innovative design is ideal for effectively and economically dividing your plant space from floor to roof. The non-combustible panels are constructed of a polyurethane insulating core laminated between stucco embossed galvanized sheet steel. A lightly corrugated profile on both faces of the panel ensures symmetry from outside the building to inside and from room to room in partition applications. SteelSpan is a functional and cost effective solution for all types of industrial partition applications.

Features of SteelSpan Panels

Exterior Profile - Corrugated pattern (1/8" deep) or no profile option.

Interior Profile - Corrugated pattern (1/8" deep) or no profile option.

Panel Core - Panel cores are comprised of foamed-in place, Blister-Free, Non-CFC polyurethane, Factory Mutual Class 1 approval

Module Width - 44 1/2"

Panel Thickness - 3", 4", 5" or 6"

Lengths - 8' to 53'

Panel Facings - Facings are comprised of G-90 galvanized steel in 26 Ga., 24 Ga., and 22 Ga. Facings are available in:

  • Stucco Embossed Surface
  • Smooth Surface
  • No Profile Option


Finishes - Available in baked polyester finish.

Standard Colors - Standard colors are champagne, white and gray

Joint - Offset double tongue and groove with extended metal shelf for positive face fastening.

Fastening - Wafer head fastener and clip concealed in the side joint.

demising wall

modular demising wall

 modular wall construction


Panel Thickness 3" 4" 5" 6"
STC 24 24 24 24
R-Value 22 29 36 43



Steel SpanThe one-piece construction of the SteelSpan system assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. Factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps to construct the insulated wall and roof are eliminated. Faster building completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs.

Foam Core
The Class I Polyurethane foam core meets the requirements of the major model building codes for many types of construction. Unlike panels with expanded polystyrene cores, they will not produce a self-propagating fire.

Superior Insulating Value
SteelSpan Panels provide excellent insulation across the entire wall and roof area. The advanced polyurethane core and impermeable steel faces provide insulation values that significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

downloadEasy Assembly
SteelSpan's light weight and one piece construction allow for rapid completion of the wall and roof system. The factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure eliminating multiple steps required in a typical "stick built" project. Weighing in at only 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 pounds per square foot, the panels are easy to erect and secure in place. These factors combined do not only reduce the manufacturing downtime associated with the construction project, but also eliminate labor, materials, and financing costs.

Environmental Control
SteelSpan gives you exactly the enclosed space you need to control dust, thermal breaks, vapor barrier, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental needs. Read our case study on how Tyco-Kendall used our SteelSpan system to create a climate-controlled area within their facility.

Structural Integrity
Despite their light weight, SteelSpan Panels are structurally strong enough for very long spans. They range in thickness from 3" to 5" and are constructed of G-90 galvanized steel with a secure tongue and groove connection.

Professional Appearance
Concealed clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panels offers a clean, high profile appearance especially when compared to the "barn-like" metal building looks of many systems on the market.

SteelSpan commercial and industrial panels serve as walls, ceilings and roofs for commercial and industrial buildings, in new and retrofit construction. SteelSpan insulated metal panels can be easily adapted to pre-engineered metal building designs for almost any end-use as walls and roofs, saving material and labor costs. Other end applications include schools, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, equipment maintenance buildings, environmentally-controlled areas, kiosks, equipment screens, aircraft hangers, prison units and office buildings.


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