Modular Wall Systems

At the heart of every modular wall system lies the metal stud framing. Not only does this provide the structural integrity for the entire office or enclosure, but it also makes the system relocatable, attractive, and easy to assemble and wire. With 6 different framing systems, you can rest assured that PortaFab will find the right product for your application.


This versatile steel stud system features 3" thick walls that support load-bearing roofs and two-story construction without the need for costly support columns. It represents our most popular and lowest priced 3" system ever.

Modular Framing Systems

Series 300

This 3" modular wall system offers load-bearing capability with an aluminum stud system perfect for cleanrooms and other applications requiring environmental control.
Patent #4910938

Modular Framing Systems


This non-load-bearing modular wall system is ideal for interior applications where space is at a premium. The 2" aluminum studs accommodate electrical outlets and integrate well with the Series 300 system.

Modular Framing Systems

XTRA-TALL Wall Framing Systems

Our XTRA-TALL wall systems offer a flexible solution for segregating plant space by achieving maximum height ranges quickly and economically. These wall systems can integrate with floor, ceiling, and mechanical components to assist with the division of work space as well as create clean environments where pressure, temperature and humidity are controlled.

PortaMax (S-Series)

These XTRA TALL industrial partitions are perfect for effectively and economically dividing plant space. They are available in either 4-5/8" and 6" thick steel or aluminum construction with heights up to 35" tall.
Patent #5287675

 Modular Framing Systems

PortaMax (A-Series)

These extra-height modular wall systems can extend to your existing ceiling or be free standing with a load bearing deck. The aluminum stud construction is ideal for use in controlled environments where cleanliness is a very high priority like paint and powder coating enclosures and cleanrooms.
Patent Pending

Modular Framing Systems


The SteelSpan "all in one" panel is an innovative modular wall system that does not require a framing system. Its innovative design is ideal for effectively and economically dividing your plant space from floor to roof or for creating freestanding in-plant buildings.

Modular Framing Systems

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