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    • Cashier BoothGuard BoothToll BoothParking BoothTicket BoothValet BoothControl RoomSmoking ShelterEquipment ShelterOther
    • 3' x 5'3' x 6'4' x 3'4' x 4'4' x 6'6' x 6'5' x 10'5' x 8'5' x 6'5' x 5'4' x 8'6' x 8' 6' x 10'6' x 12'8' x 8'8' x 10'8' x 12'8' x 16Other
    • YesNo
    • Building does not need to be ADA complaint.Building needs to meet ADA guildlines for door accessibility.Building needs to meet ADA guidelines for door accessibility and interior clear turning space.
    • One single slidingTwo single slidingTwo single swinging
    • If additional doors are required, please identify the type and quantity of each:

    • Sliding (standard)Sliding with screensFixedNo windows
    • Clear tempered glass (standard)Tinted tempered glassClear insulated tempered glassTinted insulated tempered glassClear polycarbonate glazingTinted polycarbonate glazingClear acrylic glazingTinted acrylic glazingClear laminated glazingTinted laminated glazing
    • None neededWall-mounted electric heaterThrough-wall air conditioning unitThrough-wall heat/ventilation/air conditioning unit
    • Your building comes with a standard electrical package which includes:

      1-100 amp breaker box, 115v duplex outlet(s), 1-230v single outlet, flourescent light fixture(s). Choose additional electrical items that you wish to include in this quotation below:

    • Forklift PocketsLifting rings (crane liftable)ShelfInterior Partitions
    • YesNo

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