Formacore Curtain Wall Fabrication

The following guidelines pertain to curtain wall construction, fabrication, and installation. For more information, please contact a PortaFab representative at 1-800-325-3781.

Saw Cutting
Formacore panels can be cut using industrial or professional type saw equipment such as table, panel, saber, band, or portable saws, all using carbide-tipped blades. Actual type used is determined by fabricator’s equipment and if its cutter location allows for maneuvering the Formacore panels. Read more


Formacore panels can be drilled using the twist bits usually used for aluminum plates with industrial or professional type drills.


A slight rounding of the edge occurs when the panel is sheared as shown in this picture. For this reason, shearing is limited to details, which have concealed edges, such as the Rout & Return details. Shear face down for Rout & Return design.


Punching operations damage Formacore panels in a similar way to the shearing operation. Punching deforms the core causing dimpling of liner or face sheet around hole. As such, it is not a recommended practice and should be used only in limited applications. If punching is necessary, the Formacore panel face should be positioned against the female die side so that the male punch die penetrates liner side first.


For Angular Bends – Preferred Method Successful angular bends require a continuous groove cut through the liner and core. The preferred method for making this groove is to make three saw kerfs. Read more…

Optional Methods…

Other Routing Fabrication Information


Deburring the Formacore panel cut edges is accomplished by drawing a steel file at an angle across the cut edge. Please note that caution must be taken not to scar the Formacore face sheet.


There are numerous methods and materials factors that should be considered when choosing how to connect Formacore panels to the framework.

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